Getting permanent residence status or citizenship

What is Naturalization or Citizenship?

■ The act of making a person a citizen of Japan who was not born with that status. An application for citizenship is an application for Naturalization.
■ Non-Japanese citizens can obtain Japanese citizenship when they complete the process of naturalization.

Benefits of Becoming a Japanese Citizen

▼ The Right to Vote in both Eligibility
* Being a citizen of Japan provides many privileges. Voting in elections is one such privilege. New citizens are expected to participate in elections.
* You may be elected the prime minister of Japan.

▼ International Travel Made Easier
* Permanent Residents can lose their status if they leave the country for 3 years or longer, and in the event of an extended absence, must obtain a re-entry permit.
* However, as a Japanese Citizen, you are not restricted on the amount of time you can spend outside of Japan. Additionally, travel can be more convenient as many countries do not require Visas of Japanese Citizens.

What is the status of Permanent Residence?

The status of permanent residence is granted when certain conditions have been satisfied by foreign nationals who reside in Japan under another status of residence and who have applied for change of status of residence to permanent residence or by those who have applied to acquire status of residence due to birth or renouncement of Japanese nationality.

If a foreign resident is authorized to stay in Japan on a permanent basis, he/she will stay in Japan with the status of residence “Permanent Resident.” The status of residence “Permanent Resident” provides much more advantageous treatments than other statuses of residence because it does not limit the status holder’s activities or period of stay.